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Conversion Kit for Framework 13 to Portable All-in-one | Flying Lotus

Conversion Kit for Framework 13 to Portable All-in-one | Flying Lotus

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Rear Cover

IMPORTANT: Current batch ships the week of Jun 27th

The Flying Lotus kit is designed to use components from the Framework 13 laptop to create a more versatile portable all-in-one workstation.

It only takes 20 to 30 minutes to get a unique portable computer that's much more ergonomic and versatile than a laptop, and infinitely more repairable and upgradable than any tablet or 2 in 1.

With the included stand, the screen sits at eye-instead of table-level in either landscape or portrait mode, reducing neck-strain.

Without an attached keyboard, you get to bring the one that fits you better. This also allows the screen to be mounted on most places where a tablet can be mounted.

But it's not a tablet, it's a full computer with the ability to run the same software as any other Windows or Linux computer.

In addition to all of that, it also has the repairability and upgradability that comes with the Framework ecosystem. Including support for Frameworks' brilliant expansion card system, so the ports can be exchanged quickly and easily.

The frame and stand are made of powder-coated aluminum, and the covers are made of plexiglass (Black for the front, and you have thde option of Black or Transparent for the rear cover, in case you want to show off the components without the need of a skin)

What's Included

  • The computer body
  • Power Button
  • Screws needed to build it
  • Detachable stand and base
  • Instructions and buying guide for Framework parts

Additional hardware needed (not included):

Note: The current version does not have space for the speakers. It will be added in a future version.

Depending on the configuration the cost of the Framework components starts around $733 (subject to change by Framework). It can be even less if you already have memory and/or storage.

Putting it together takes around 20-30 min, and it just involves screwing the hardware in, and connecting the components like the battery, screen, etc.

If you have suggestions or questions, feel free to use the Contact form.

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